The Calliope Project



Welcome to the official blog of The Calliope Project, an activist initiative.

Who are we?

I, the anonymous administrator of this blog, have recently noticed the big amount of people in tumblr that suffer from depression and low self-esteem. I personally hate scrolling down my dashboard and seeing people feeling sad or talking about doing hurtful or life-treathening things to themselves.

In an effort for improving the overall Tumblr experience for those persons and trying to make a difference for them, I remembered Calliope, a sweet, nice and kind character from Homestuck. 

Calliope always tries to make her friends feel better about themselves and comfort them during difficult situations. Even her interactions with the rest of characters start with uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering anotherCharacter.

Over the past few weeks I have been putting this project in practice, kind of an alpha test. I am pleased with the results, and decided to oficially release it.

Practically everyone in the Homestuck Fandom loves Calliope. And even if they don’t, a kind message from a character of the webcomic you love can easily make your day a little better. That is what we do.

So what’s this Project all about?

If you spot a Homestuck in your dashboard that is feeling down or in an emotional crisis, drop by their blog and leave a kind or encouraging anonymous message using Calliope’s typing quirk, kind of in a roleplay fashion. As I mentioned before, I always got a positive reaction in exchange, and I hope it continues to be like this.

It feels like it’s a small and meaningless gesture, but for the receiver it gives the comforting sensation of someone caring, and that is important. It can make a huge difference and even save lives. That is our main objective, to make people feel wanted, important and worthy.

How do I join?

By the very act of simply dropping a kind message posing as Calliope in someone’s askbox, you are participating in the Project. Feel free to share suggestions, stories, etc. that may improve and give more content to the Project and the blog.